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Camp Registration Form:  All students are required to have this form turned in prior to boarding the bus, preferably a week before boarding the bus!  You can email the completed form or text or hand deliver it to the welcome desk at ENC during normal business hours or at YTH CHRCH on Sunday night.  If all else fails, bring it with you to Check-in on the March 5.

Ski/Snowboard Equipment Rental Form:  Only needed if you are renting gear!  Provide this information by returning the form or emailing/texting the info to Mike ASAP.

Health Questionnaire:  All students are required to fill out this form on the day of departure and bring it with them to Check-in on March 5th.  Extra forms will be available at Check-in.

Sending Medication to Camp Info:  If your student will be bringing any medications to camp, including over the counter medications, please read this info so you know the drill.

Packing List