The evening of January 17th, 1986- er, 2021 was truly one for the books here at YTH CHRCH! Huge thanks to Mike for organizing the annual 80’s Skate Night! The night began with a short rendezvous at the church, with photo ops galore. After arriving at Treasure Valley Skate, the real fun began as we got to see everyone’s fit in full glory out on the rink. (I think we can all agree that Jack Green in short shorts alone made the night worth it.) While the night ramped up, we had the true privilege of hearing our budding American Idols live! Gary, we’re looking at you with that iconic solo. After a good old-fashioned open skate, the Grand Speed Skating Tourney was held. Many entered, and only 2 emerged triumphant. There were some truly devastating career enders in the boys’ heats (sorry Sam and Hudson), however Devon Downey rose above and took home the win. In the girls’ heats, Bethany Stucker and Ava Deakins battled to the end, although in their final duel Ava squeezed out the victory. The next competition on the radar was the Roller Skate Limbo, a challenge not for the faint of heart. Many went out on the second and third round (myself included!), however, despite the waning competition, Abby Hinchman made it through the last round and was declared victorious. Free skate once again resumed, and the night was in full swing as everyone skated around the rink to our karaoke entertainment. Next up was the *cue echo* DODGEBALL GAUNTLET. Similar to sharks and minnows, competitors had to make it from one wall to the other without being hit by a dodgeball sharpshooter from the sides. Sydney Gunnerson was the last standing competitor. Sydney is the one to go to if you’re going to escape the matrix!

To close out the night, we concluded with awards for best fits. Eden Garner took the prize for best hair (which as we all know took at least half an hour). The last category was best overall outfit. Kayla Touhy and Lorelai Risner both committed and walked away with honorable mentions. The pink leather jacket and face paint were amazing touches! However, Devon Downey and Shara Martinho took the cake and went home with the title of “Best Outfit”, thus concluding our 80’s Skate Night! It was truly a night to remember, and I know I’m already looking forward to next year’s!

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