Christmas Party 2020

The YTH CHRCH Christmas Party was far from your grandma's holiday gathering! Over 120 high schoolers, donned with masks brought their A-game of cheer with Christmas sweaters, suits, and costumes. The YTH CHRCH BAND entertained the crowd with All I Want for Christmas is You, and the JB classic, Mistletoe; Audrey Martin was fire! I saw Momma Kissing Santa Claus and Jingle Bell Rock got the entire audience singing along. Kennedy Northcut and Tanner Ford took home the award for the most festive outfit. When Tanner was asked what inspired the outfit selection, he confidently replied, "Hey, we came to win." And win they did.

Pastor Mike finished the "Becoming a Better Friend" Series reminding us that Peace (Shalom) is not the absence of conflict but the addition of Jesus. He brings peace regardless of circumstance. If you carry the Peace of Jesus with you, a better friend you will be! (sounds like Yoda)

Candlelight Christmas carols were the highlight for me; it just takes me back to being a kid.

The Party concluded with a visit from Santa himself! Saint Nick led the group in the annual gift exchange mayhem. The After Party included spike ball, pics with Santa, and cookie decorating while the best Christmas Playlist ever was filling the air. What a Party! Check the pix out for yourself below!

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